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I love using a weekly goal planner. Whether you use a daily or weekly planner, being able to collect your thoughts in one place is essential. This is where you can write down your goals and intentions - the big ideas to be fleshed out into tasks to do during the week.

Typically my big goal is the same as my monthly big goal, and the small goals will either be the same as the monthly OR be a chunk of the big goal. For example, my big goal may be to continue working on my kitchen renovation. That involves a lot of moving pieces. And this specific week my small goal is to get estimates on countertops from 4 local places. From there I can write out specific tasks - things like double check measurements, take pictures of current kitchen, go to shops - onto specific days. 

Then we also have what habits you're going to work on, what you're going to read (or watch, or listen to) this week, and then we have a section on the past week. That includes a checklist for things to do & finish up to make next week a breeze - things like grocery shop, meal prep, clean the bathroom,  sort through & take action on mail and email. Then you can reflect on your past week. How did it go? Did you get done everything that you wanted to? How many dogs did you see? Were you busy, but not productive? What can you do better? These important things will help you be better the next week, improving your productivity (and hopefully give you more time to go see more dogs). 

If you're wondering, yes I go on walks specifically to see dogs. 

Because I want you to be productive I'm giving you this planner page FO FREE! I use this every week, sandwiched between the weekend and Monday. It's accompanied by the Monthly Goal Planner [get it here] and the Monthly Reflection [get it here] to round out my super planned & reflected on date planner. 

Check out the details on the Weekly Goal Planner below - and download it! Simply click the image to enlarge it.

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Happy Planning!