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Reflection is good. It helps us become better versions of ourselves. It helps us see what we are wasting our time with, and what works. It makes us more efficient. That is all to say, it is SO worth your time. Even just taking 10 minutes Sunday night can help you get closer to reaching your goals. Example - I made myself a workout schedule, and I thought I would put my weekly run for Monday morning. Just get it out of the way. You know what didn't happen, week after week? A Monday morning run. Because I didn't want to go outside just yet. But I really enjoyed my morning walks the other days. So, instead of fighting this and just never running, I moved my run to Thursday morning and moved Legs to Monday. I have no problem doing leg day, as long as I get to stay inside and I don't have to change just yet.

If I didn't reflect on why I wasn't doing my Monday run, I would have just kept saying, "it's ok, next week I'll do it". But the running wasn't the problem. It was the timing. This planner page has spaces to reflect on the big goal you made at the beginning of the month, the 2 small goals, and your 2 habits. This way you can track your progress, see what's working and what isn't. Maybe you need to change things up, or get some outside accountability. You can also just reflect on the past month - what happened, how you felt, anything you want - and write down your favorite part of the month. Then write down what you want for next month. Do you want to make more you time, or be more productive on weekends? Maybe you want to just write down intentions for this next month, or do the whole 'put it out into the universe' thing. Whatever you want to write.

This page also helps you wrap up your month so that you can go into next month fresh faced and ready to tackle your goals. There is a little to do list for things like getting the car washed, paying all bills, doing any cleaning, etc. Do these things so that you can go into the next month without these things dragging you down.

Because I want you to be productive I'm giving you this planner page FO FREE! I use this at the beginning of every month, and it really helps me get in the right state of mind. It's accompanied by the Weekly Goal Planner [get it here] and the Monthly Goal Planner [get it here] to round out my super planned & reflected on date planner. 

Check out the details on the Monthly Goal Planner below - and download it! Simply click the image to enlarge it.

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Happy Planning!