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Paper Sizes 101 | Rourke Planners

Happy Monday!! Today's blog post is an update of an oldie (read: 2nd ever) post because I actually use it quite frequently and I wanted to make it a bit clearer and user-friendly. So let's jump in! PS if you have any questions on what paper you should use with what organizer, leave a comment below!


When it comes to planners, sizing can be a bit confusing. Some places use entirely US, some use international, some use a mix of international and 'planner' sizing. So I created this handy chart to show the differences between the main paper sizes! I'll also do a little translating for popular planner companies sizes. Also confusing: a personal planner doesn't necessarily mean personal size.

Just a note: these are the paper sizes that are commonly used in refillable organizers. This doesn't include sizes for bound planners (commonly 7x9") or midori-style planners.

Paper Sizing

US paper sizes are marked with US and International paper sizes are marked with INT.

Here's all the sizes overlapping:

The sizes again:

  • Legal (US) - 14"h x 8.5"w / 355.6mm h x 215.9mm w
  • A4 (INT) - 11.69" h x 8.27" w / 297mm h x 210mm w
  • Letter (US) - 11" h x 8.5" w / 279.4mm h x 215.9mm w
  • Half-Letter (US) - 8.5" h x 5.5" w / 215.9mm h x 139.7mm w
  • A5 (INT) - 8.27" h x 5.83" w / 210mm h x 148 mm w
  • Franklin Covey Compact - 6.75" h x 4.25" w / 171.45mm h x 107.95mm w
  • Personal - 6.75" h x 3.75" w / 171mm h x 95mm w
  • Franklin Covey Pocket - 6" h x 3.5" w / 152.4mm h x 88.9mm w
  • A6 (INT) - 5.83" h x 4.13" w / 148mm h x 105mm w
  • Pocket - 4.75" h x 3.25" w / 120mm h x 81mm w
  • Mini - 4.125" h x 2.625" w / 105mm h x 67mm w
  •  A7 (INT) - 4.1" h x 2.9" w / 105mm h x 74mm w

What paper size do i need for my organizer? 

Every company seems to use different names for their sizes, which is so kind of them. I'm going to cover the major companies I know of below.

Paper Interchange-ability

Really quick I want to touch on 'can I use x paper instead of y paper'. A5 and Half-Letter can be used pretty interchangeably. If you're in the US, feel free to just cut letter paper in half to get half-letter paper and use it in your A5 planner. Sometimes you will find off-brand planners use 'A6' to describe a planner, but it's really made for 'personal' size - you'll have to look at the paper dimensions to determine this, because the pages really aren't interchangeable. You can probably use 'Mini' pages in an A7 planner, but you'd have to trim down A7 pages to fit in a Mini planner.

the organizers



So Kikki-K has their planners in 2 different categories: Time Planners and Personal Planners. The difference is that time planners have more date planners in them and they typically come with a band closure. Personal planners have a fill-in calendar only and typically have a snap closure.

  • Large - A5/Half-Letter
  • Medium - Personal
  • Small - Pocket

Franklin Covey:

A classic American time-tracking system, they're revamping their organizers (they call them binders) with some gorgeous designs. You can find Covey, Day Timer, and Day Runner organizers in office supply stores and they are easier to find in second-hand shops than others, because of their prevalent use in the late 80s/90s.

  • Monarch - US Letter
  • Classic - Half-Letter (or A5)
  • Compact - 'FC Compact' (above) - Special size - 4.25"x 6.75"
  • Pocket - 'FC Pocket' (above) - Special size (not to be confused with the regular pocket size) - 3.5" x 6"

Day Timer:

Another classic time-tracking system. Their style is definitely more classic-corporate.

  • Folio - US Letter
  • Desk - Half-Letter (or A5)
  • Portable - Personal Size
  • Jotter - Special Size - 2.75" x 5"


A UK brand with affordable and cute planners. 

  • A5 - A5 or Half-Letter
  • Personal - Personal
  • Pocket - Pocket

Webster's Pages:

Webster's Pages does not sell directly through their site. You can purchase through third-party retailers, Michaels, and Jo-Ann Fabrics. Their Personal Size is notably taller than others, but uses the same size paper.

  • Personal - Personal size
  • A5 - A5/Half Letter

Day Runner/ At-A-Glance:

Found in office supplies stores mostly.

  • Large - US Letter
  • Medium - Half-Letter
  • Small - Personal Size
  • Pocket - Special Size - 3.25" x 6.375"


Dokibooks are another great option. The brand offers 2 types of systems currently - the original 6-ring organizer and the new discbound system. They offer covers for both systems. 

  • Large - A5/Half-Letter
  • Small - Personal

Happy Planner

I need to purchase the various happy planners in order to give you an accurate measurement - there's quite a few sites that give different measurements, so I don't feel comfortable giving a measurement without checking it myself first.

Binders + Arc System

Really quick, I wanted to touch on 2 other types of organizers: binders and disc-bound notebooks (like happy planner, but I need to purchase them on my own because there are a lot of discrepancies in the paper sizes from other sources)

Typical/normal binders come in US letter size (within the US, obviously), but there are binders called 'junior' size that hold Half-Letter paper. The same goes for the Arc system/Martha Stewart at Staples disc-bound system. 'Junior' generally means half-letter. 

Because of the nature of the disc-bound system, it may be a bit harder to use A5 and Half-Letter interchangeably. You'll definitely notice it more if the pages are mixed. 


If you have any questions or other sizes you've found, please comment below. And while you're at it, what size is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Planning