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Baseball Event Flags Freebie | Rourke Planners

Hooray for Freebie Friday! Hooray for Playoffs!

Have you been watching? Who are you rooting for? 

I know, you're like 'why are you giving us baseball flag stickers at the end of the season?'. Well, I don't really have a good answer besides.... reformatting. I know, not a very satisfying answer, but it is what it is. I've been working on formatting stickers that are suuuuper functional. Not just in how they are functional in your planner (though that is true), but more that they are easily printed and hand cut (I use an exacto knife and a small metal ruler to do die-cuts, I'll show you below) OR cut with a Silhouette. I formatted the pages so the stickers are within the registration area. In addition, these stickers will fit my main-squeeze planner pages (the dailies) in addition to maaaany other pages. So yea. It took a while to create a flexible layout but it is done and I'm excited to crank out not just planner pages but functional additions to the pages (and maybe some pretty stickers too).

My Icon sticker pages are all on half-letter. For personal/A6 pages you'll see that there are cut lines so that after they're printed and cut (by hand or Silhouette), you can trim them down and put them right in your planner for easy access. (I did half-letter because do you really need a full page of the same icon all at once, I don't think so). 

On to the main event! After a quick word from our disclaimer:

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Free Baseball Event Flags | Rourke Planners

Personal & A6

PDF | Color PNG | Blackout PNG

(PS as you can see, the Personal + A6 Page has a bunch of lines on it. The center line allows the page to fit the personal size width, and the 2 vertical lines let you cut it into A6 or Personal height.)

Free Baseball Event Flags | Rourke Planners

Half Letter & A5

PDF | Color PNG | Blackout PNG

Free Baseball Event Flags | Rourke Planners

Happy Planner & Letter

PDF | Color PNG | Blackout PNG

Let me know in the comments - who are you rooting for? What stickers would you like to see for freebie fridays? I love hearing suggestions! Also is there a better way to make these Silhouette-friendly? Please let me know!

Happy Planning,