December Book Club

December Book Club | Rourke Planners

Reading more is definitely going to be one of my New Years Resolutions. But why wait until January? I thought I'd start a new series, Book Club! This isn't really a collective book club where we all read at the same time, but rather a way for us to talk about what books we're reading (productivity or not) and maybe have a little bit of accountability and motivation. 

So I encourage you to share what books you're currently reading, what books you've just finished, books you recommend, or even movies and TV series! Education isn't only found in print. 

I just started reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin and I am in love! I'm barely in chapter one and already she is just so spot on. If you're interested she did a talk on the subject of habits and the 4 personality types she found people fall in ('m a Questioner, not at all surprised).

I'm also in the book Roots by Diane Morgan. It's a really interested cookbook (plus more) that's all about roots, tubers, rhyzomes, and all those good foods that grow underground. I'm really enjoying this book because it takes food that's usually inexpensive and hardy (keeps for a long time) and really elevates it. 

My next book is going to be An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. It looks like a great read for my goal of having less food waste.

What are you reading for December? Leave a comment below!