DIY Washi Storage


Is there such thing as having a washi problem? I don't think so. I don't have too many. You don't have too many. We're fine. But there is one problem: storage. Accessible storage. Inexpensive storage. So I started pinning. And more pinning. And couldn't find anything that would work for me & that I liked.

I thought of what I already had, and the obvious was using my Ikea Helmer unit. I already had my washi in it, but it was a huge mess, and would become messier anytime I used it. I looked into spice drawer organizers but none were the right size and it would be too expensive (I mean, the washi storage budget is not topping the priority list). I finally remembered reading something on I Heart Organizing about making your own drawer dividing boxes and immediately googled it. Here's the link. It's magical. All you need is cardstock. I used scrapbook paper. You know, the stuff you stock up on at Michaels when it's on sale for $5.99 but then you never get around to using? Yea, that stuff. Or even you do use it but then there's always a few ugly sheets? Use those. So yes. Perfect. I made a bunch of these containers for all the goodies I store in my Helmer unit. To the instructions!

You'll need scrapbook paper/cardstock (thick paper), scissors, pencil, ruler, & an x-acto knife. And tape. 

I first planned out the drawers. Helmer drawers are 9" x 14" FYI. So when planning out the washi drawers, I knew I needed 2" wide boxes that had 1" tall sides. I went with 10" long boxes in my first drawer & 9" long boxes in my second (not sure why I went 9", but hey I did). And don't forget the back of the drawer. What do you want to store that you don't need as often? I decided to have out-of-season + extras in the back of the first drawer + random extras in the back of the 2nd (I also made the boxes 2" tall to hold more stuff). Also think of how high you want the sides. I went 1" for washi, 1.5" for most storage boxes and 2" for a few others. 

So once you know the layout + how high you want the boxes, you can start cutting the correct sizes in scrapbook paper. So for a 2"x10" box with 1" sides, you'll want a 4"x12" piece of paper. For a 4"x7" box with 2" sides, you'll want an 8"x11" piece of paper. 

Once you cut out your full boxes, put lines where all your folds will be (on the outside of the box, or the white side of the paper). After that, score the lines with your x-acto knife to help them fold easier. Then cut out little triangles like you'll see below to help make the corners easier. After that, fold & tape. Then BOOM you have little adorable boxes to hold all your stuff. I've included a few images below to illustrate the steps. You can also check the original how-to.

Remember that these boxes are not strong enough to carry, they're just for sectioning your drawers. But they do a very good job at sectioning. 

DIY Washi Storage | Rourke Planners
DIY Washi Storage | Rourke Planners
DIY Washi Storage | Rourke Planners
DIY Washi Storage | Rourke Planners

What do you use to store your washi? Do you prefer it out in the open or tucked away? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Planning,