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7 Weeks app review | Rourke Planners
App Review is a series where I review apps that are meant to help you get stuff done. If you have suggestions for any apps to review leave a comment! (android only)

7 Weeks is a simple habit tracker for your phone. You enter habits, multiple reasons for the habits (studies have shown having good reasons, and reminding yourself of those reasons, will keep you on track), and you can track your habit for 7 weeks. According to the app, 7 weeks has been reported to be a standard amount of time to make or break a habit. You can also have multiple habits (though I wouldn't work on too many at one time - you're trying to make things unconscious habits not just track stuff).

Cost: Free, but there is a pro-version that comes with a home screen widget and personal messages with alarms for $1.99.

Design: 7 Weeks has a flat design that I quite like that you can change the color of. It has a really simple interface that I think is ideal - it takes only a few seconds to mark the day as completed or not completed. 

Effectiveness: This app has notifications for both morning and evening to help you remember to either to the thing or mark down that you did the thing - you can change the time to what you'd like.

Conclusion: I really like this app, but I don't use it because I have a little habit tracker in my daily planner. However, if you don't use a paper planner or even if you do but you're really serious about creating good habits check this app out. It's free. 

Get it: 7 Weeks is on Android only.

If you're interested in reading more about habits, check out the book 'The Power of Habit' by Charles Duhigg - it's a fascinating read about why we do the things we do.

What apps do you use to be productive or stay organized? Have you tried 7 Weeks? Leave words in sentences below.