My Top 10 Washi Shops

My Top 10 Washi Shops | Rourke Planners

Washi is a wonderful tool for any organizer - not only is it great for decorating your planner pages, it's also useful for taping up notes and for labeling jars! There are a hundred more uses, but I don't have time to list them all. That's for another blog post. I thought I'd give you my favorite places to buy washi!

1 Mecha Kucha 808

I've ordered from Mecha Kucha 808 before, and I love their prices. Not only does she offer great deals for full rolls, but also on partial/sample rolls of more expensive designs. Shipping is also incredibly reasonable, especially since it's shipping from Hawaii! With over 1,000 items (most of which is washi) you'll have loads to choose from.
Top Picks: Panda Page Markers , Golden Blossoms , Orange Grove

2 Danika 58

Another shop I've ordered from, Danika 58, is based in Japan and is great if you're looking for some really unique rolls of washi you can't find other places. I ordered a few packs of thin washi from them in addition to my giraffe and red panda washi (that red panda washi was the reason I ordered!). Also check out their packs of solid MT tapes.
Top Picks: Flamingos , Cats , Pretty Geometric 

3 The Sewing Post

If you're looking to get a good base of basic pattern washi, The Sewing Post is a great place to look. Her washi sets are very well priced, and she has large grab bags of between 3 and 20 washis (choose your own or random). She also has a great selection of thin washi. 
Top Picks:  Random Washi Grab Bag , Fall Thin Washi , Flower Power Set 

4 The Washi Shop

With a name like The Washi Shop, you know you're going to get some good washi. My first ever Etsy washi order was from them! They have a huge variety, and many sets of washi. Not all of their washi is super cute or within budget (their Japanese brands are a bit more expensive than ordering from Japanese shops), but they still have a large selection of cute & on budget options. 
Top Picks: Cross Washi , Japanese Flowers , Black and White Set 

5 Simply Gilded Co.

While it's a little on the pricier side for me, Simply Gilded Co. has beautiful washi with some exlcusive to their shop! If you buy the rolls that come in sets they are well priced, and the custom rolls really stand out. 
Top Picks: Honey Love Bundle , Pineapple Paradise Bundle , Metallic Rainbow Skinny Foil Washi 

6 Cute Things from Japan

Cute Things From Japan carries exactly what you'd think - cute things from Japan! They carry washi, stamps, stickers, sticky notes, paperclips, and a few other related items. Their washi is a big selection of Japanese washi tape - MT, Maste, 
Top Picks: MT Lace Birds , MT Almedahls , Classiky Sorrel 

7 Sweet Supplies Store

Another Japanese washi shop, Sweet Supplies Store carries washi, stationery, and craft supplies. Their washi has a nice variety of classic Japanese labels, ranging from solid colors to basic patterns to complex scenes. 
Top Picks: Baby Pandas Washi , Mint & Silver Diagonals Washi , Paris Washi 

8 CWL Crafts

CWL Crafts is based in the UK but has surprisingly reasonable shipping to the US (compared to other UK shops I've seen). They have a super cute selection with items I've never seen anywhere else. Definitely worth checking out.
Top Picks: White Dots on Copper , Shrubbery on Green , Lime Washi 

9 Washi Wednesday

Washi Wednesday is based in Singapore and has a wonderful variety of washis. They have very well priced individual solid colors (plus solid color sets), basic patterns, and a good amount of unique washis, in addition to the MTs and Mastes you'll see in other stores. 
Top Picks: Flamingos , Hanabishi , Pastel Red Solid Washi 

10 Aloha Prints Co.

Not a super huge selection, but wonderful prices for Aloha Prints Co. They carry washi, plus pens (many of the crystal variety), and some stickers. They also have cheap shipping.
Top Picks: Floral Washi Set , Rustic Washi Set , Gem Pen Set 

Honorable Mentions


I know, I know. But the Scotch brand has the best glitter washi around - it doesn't shed at all! You can occasionally find the washi on sale. Target also has $1 washi in Bullseye's Playground, but the rolls are thinner and shorter & occasionally they have them in their seasonal section for holidays. 
Top picks: Glitter Washi

Office Depot

Office Depot also carries Scotch washi, and I've found that they carry a more complete stock than Target. 

Washi Supply Co.

Washi Supply Co. has a nice variety of washi that I haven't seen everywhere and all over instagram. 
Top Picks: Unicorn Washi 

Unwrap Colour

In addition to washi, Unwrap Colour also carries baker's twine & a few stickers. What really stands out to me is their very reasonably priced foil (shiny) washis. Overall they have a very nice selection of very pretty and cute washi.
Top Picks: Teal Blue & Gold Foil , Pink Cat Kawaii , Rose Gold Glitter 

Silent Poetry Arts

Another great option for a stateside washi shop.
Top Picks: Yellow & Orange Ikat , Mint Bunnies 

Lora Bailora

Lora Bailora creates all her own washi, and is based in Spain, so the washis are a bit more than others. You can find Lora Bailora 'dealers' stateside if you love her stuff and want a bit of a discount.
Top Picks: Foxes , Trees , Watermelon  

Pretty Packages

I've never ordered from Pretty Packages before, but I've heard good things. You can get really pretty rolls of washi for quite cheap, paired with $3.50 flat rate shipping for US orders. Becca, the owner, buys washi from China in super bulk and then divides it up for individual sale. She also has a Facebook group where you can pre-order washi for even cheaper. 

Top Picks: Christmas Foil Collection , Gold Foil Collection #5 , Floral Collection #3 

So that's it for me. I'd love to know what your favorite shops are! Let us know in the comments!

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