2017 Wall Calendar | Freebie Friday

2017 Wall Calendar | Freebie Friday | Rourke Planners

So, if you, like me, waited a few days into January and then finally decided, 'you know what, I really could use a wall calendar', you might be surprised to learn that 10 days past the new year is too late to get the calendar you want. And I'm not bitter about it at all.

In fact, I went to target, on January 10th, only to find that the only Sugar Paper calendars left were the kraft colored ones. So after searching and searching and only finding the kraft ones (as well as a bunch of other much less pretty ones from various brands), I gave in and just bought the kraft one. And then I got it home. And I discovered that I apparently went back in time because I bought a 2016 calendar. Yeah. Not something you can bring back into stock next year, Target. So that's waiting by the door to be returned. And I looked online and there were NO cute calendars left that weren't like $20 (I love you, Paper Source, but I'm not paying $20 for a month overview). Or they were good but they were the ones that just had the numbers and no space to write anything in and WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT? 

Sooooo long story long, I made my own calendars. Because F the system. And why can't Target stock more calendars???? 

FYI, the Sugar Paper calendars make really nice big hanging notepads when the year is over. I have 2015 and 2016 up on the wall. #reuse

So yeah, I made a nice little letter size calendar for y'alls. To put on your wall. And stare at it. And right away write in to go buy a calendar December 27th because I miss you Sugar Paper and your perfect calendar design. 

This calendar is only in letter size because it's for hanging on your walls. As always it's in PDF format and I always suggest having the latest version of Adobe Reader or whatever your PDF reader of choice is.

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Let me know in the comments - is it actually 2016? Did I go back in time? Do you use a wall calendar? What's your favorite brand? 

Happy Planning!