Meal Prep Stickers | Freebie Friday

Meal Prep Stickers | Rourke Planners

Happy Freebie Friday!

I'm super excited to post this freebie - it's my first set of stickers I made with my Silhouette! I received it for Christmas and I've gotten to play around with it a bit. I'm definitely still learning (so if you have any tips feel free to drop them in the comments below) but I'm having fun making stickers for my planner - but not in a crazy, no-white-space way, because I ain't about that. 

One thing I've been doing since fall is Meal Prepping. I'm on a tight budget, so I started meal planning, but it still felt overwhelming and so often I had leftover bits of food that would go bad, which makes me sad. I saw meal prepping on instagram and I was intrigued. Pretty much you make your food for the week all at once, and just reheat it. You can do anything from just cutting up veggies and cooking up grains to full out measuring portions and keeping a fridge full of meals in tupperware. I've tried the portioning out, and that's not for me. I cook everything Monday morning (because I very rarely get to do it Sunday) and throw together the components when I actually eat. PS I'll be sharing my meal prep sheet next week so keep an eye out for that! 

I like having these stickers because as much as I love food. it can get tedious. Especially when you make everything from scratch. I'm currently learning how to make homemade 'mylk' (non-dairy milk). You really need to plan ahead to make dough, soak, sprout, and all the other things when you're trying to save money AND eat healthy. But it's ok. Because food.


So stickers. I designed them on half letter paper. Because do you really need a whole page of icon stickers at once? I think not. So just cut your full page label paper in half. I included both the Silhouette file and a PDF format for those who will hand cut. I included a cut line around the icons to cut out the registration marks and make a cute little sheet like those on etsy. Not sure if I'll keep doing that, but I thought I'd try it out. 

PDF - just open in your PDF viewer (I always recommend the latest version of Adobe Reader) and print! (on half letter paper)

Silhouette - open in Silhouette Studio, select all items and remove the lines for printing. Print on half letter paper. Go back to the original file (with lines) and go to cut settings. Adjust as you'd like, load your printed paper, and cut! 

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Meal Prep Stickers | Rourke Planners

So I want to know - do you meal plan? meal prep? are you all about #tupplife? and do you have any tips or recommendations for me to up my sticker game? leave a comment below!

Happy Planning