Intro to Rainmeter (& Some Free Wallpapers)

Intro to Rainmeter | Rourke Planners

Have you ever heard of Rainmeter? It's a super cool program that puts functional widgets onto your desktop. You can display the time, date, weather, computer stats, rss feeds, just so much stuff. I was introduced to Rainmeter from Lifehacker, and I've used it for quite a while and I found a layout/combo I really like. I originally used like... everything I could. But now I have a much more pared down setup that includes just the basics. 

I will say Rainmeter is probably more for people who are a bit more tech savvy, but it's definitely learn-able. You just may need to do some googling and youtubeing to get it the way you want.

So on to how it works. Rainmeter is the program that you download that will actually put the goods up on your desktop. Then you download the designs (called skins) you want to put up from independent designers. Rainmeter is open source so anyone can code these designs. I suggest downloading from well known and well reviewed makers. If you want to dive into more options I suggest Lifehacker's Rainmeter tag (it's quite popular over there). 

*Rourke Planners is not liable for any issues with third party programs. I do use the programs I link, but please do your own research and make smart decisions. 

Here's how I set up my desktop. 

Intro to Rainmeter | Rourke Planners

So I have the things I'll use on a daily basis up on my desktop. Top right corner is the date + what's playing currently (I love Ciara, though as I write this I'm rocking out to Michelle Branch). Below that I have my most frequently used programs. I have a really bad habit of clicking other programs in the windows toolbar (especially the adobe programs which take forever to load) so I like to keep them there instead. Top right I have a cute weather one that is currently just depressing because I just always need a jacket. I also have a notes skin for random brain dumps. Then bottom right I have some chrome shortcuts for Asana, Pocket, and Google Calendar. Related - why is it so hard to create a way to display today's calendar just straight on my desktop? Why doesn't that exist? Anyway...

Here I marked all the skins I used -

Intro to Rainmeter | Rourke Planners

Elementary 2.0 | Organic 2.0 | Do I Need a Jacket

I changed the colors and fonts in most/all the skins because EVERYTHING MUST MATCH. Or I'm crazy. Or both. If you want to change the font you need to copy the font file into the rainmeter file first. Just FYI. 

So there's my setup. I've been using it for about a year and I really like it. Like any productivity or organization setup should be, it's just enough to get the job done. Never make it more complicated than it should be. 

I also wanted to give you some free computer wallpapers!! I know, it's not even #freebiefriday. It's #freebiemonday? Not as good of a ring. But what good is a beautiful desktop setup without some beautiful desktop wallpapers?


Click on a background, then right click on the image in the next page to save it.



So that's my little intro into Rainmeter. I hope you found it useful! Now I want you to tell me what computer programs you use to stay productive! Comment below.