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Meal Prep Planner | Rourke Planners

Happy Freebie Friday!

Last week I posted some meal prep stickers for your planner and now I'm giving out my meal prep sheet. This is the sheet I actually use every week to plan out my meals. I meal prep because it saves me time during the week (I can get side tracked easily and I take FOREVER to cook), saves money, and saves food from going bad. I also use this meal building formula to keep my meals actually doable in the time I have. Typically I wake up on Monday morning, take a look at the circulars for what's on sale, and build my meals around that + what I already have. I also consider the cooking methods - I can't do 3 meals all in the slow cooker or oven. Then I go shopping and when I come home I meal prep. Currently I finish around 1 but I'm trying to get that down to noon. 

I make 3 meals that I eat 2-3 times that week, circulating. I've found that this gives me enough variation in my week without having to buy (and make) a crazy amount of food. I always make sure my meals have 2-3 vegetables plus a grain and protein. I also make 1-2 breakfasts, snacks, and drinks (usually just coffee and water). I'll write out the dates on the lower part of the first page and plan what meals I'll eat. 

On the 2nd page I have my shopping list and my prep to do. You'll see I have a spot of 'pre-prep' which is kind of weird, but it's because I like to do things like soaking beans, sprouting & marinating ahead of time so everything's ready to be cooked when I'm prepping. I clearly dislike processed foods... Then you write out your meal prep steps. This typically goes grains, wash + chop roasting veg, throw together slow cooker, wash + chop other veg, cook protein (tofu or tempeh for me), make any sauces/extras, assemble. Do the longest cooking foods first, then work your way down. PS If you want some more meal prep ideas check out Mind Over Munch. I love her videos because the meals aren't just for weight lifting bros or 1000 calories a day like some meal prepping. I also include a section for portion sizes if you measure/weigh out your food.

Meal prepping can seem really overwhelming at first OR super boring, but if you want to try it I promise it doesn't need to mean chicken + broccoli every meal or taking an entire day to cook. It becomes just like any other skill - the more you do it, the better at it you are. 

This is a 2 page PDF that comes in Letter, Happy Planner, Half Letter, and A5 sizes. I print them 2 sided and keep it in my planner. Also I wanted to note I didn't make this is Personal or A6 size because that would just be way too small. I use the half-letter size and I write pretty small on it. 

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Meal Prep Planer Freebie | Rourke Planners
Meal Prep Planner Freebie | Rourke Planners

Letter | Happy Planner

I want to know what you use to plan or prep your meals! Do you watch a ton of meal prep youtube videos like me? Don't judge. Have any instagrammers or youtubers that are great inspo?

Happy Planning