My #1 Tip for Productivity

My #1 Productivity Tip | Rourke Planners

So I'm about to tell you my #1 tip for increasing your productivity. Are you ready????

Schedule it.

I know. You're like.... but Amanda you sell planner pages? Yea. And I still use them, because I can't schedule 'it' if I don't know what 'it' is. But if you are at all in charge of what you're doing in the day (that is - what at what time, for how long, anything), put it in a schedule. I like to use my google calendar so I get alerts on my phone.

I'll write out my tasks at any time that week, then the night before I take that list of tasks and I'll put in events on my google calendar. So if I need to return library books, I'll put in a 45 minute block to go to the library (I walk there, that's why 45 minutes). If I need to work on a project all this week, I'm going to block off specific times to work on that project so I don't go off and do other things that are still 'work', but will prevent me from finishing the project on time. 

Here's the thing - you will never (ever) 'find time' for stuff. The time's already there. You're just doing other stuff during it. Unless it's magical Leap Day. You have to make time, which means putting it into your calendar.

So if you have from 9AM to 5PM for work - what does that include? What are you doing each day? Write down the things you NEED to accomplish and the things you WANT to accomplish. Put in lunch time, meetings, block off 30 minutes to clear out your email, and then start blocking in what you're going to work on at certain times. You're going to block in things like web maintenance, phone calls, creative time, site visits, paperwork time, etc. Whatever falls into those need and want categories. Then as things get done, tick them off in your planner. Then that night do it again. Take the things you didn't finish and move them over and take the tasks already set for that day and schedule again. 

It's as simple as that. Scheduling is simply proactive time-tracking. 

I hope you try it out and I promise you'll find yourself getting a heck of a lot more done when you're purposeful with your time.

What do you use to create your schedule? Comment below!

Happy Planning