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When I moved into my condo, I quickly learned 2 things. 1 - All the 'white' in the apartment was actually off-white, and that would have to go. 2 - Developers really suck at closets. My apartment has lots of big closets. I have 5 - 2 bedroom closets (1 per), a coat closet at the entry, a linen closet, and another hall closet I transformed into my 'garage closet'. All of them, when I moved in, had a single wire shelf at eye level. Even the linen closet. It had been like that for 10 years! How did they live like that? I don't know. I tried doing simple custom shelving, but quickly learned that uneven plaster walls are not ideal for that - some have a full inch of difference. And I am neither a master craftsman or very patient. So I turned to track systems and oh boy.

how i feel about track system shelving /  via

how i feel about track system shelving / via

I love track systems. If you don't know what track systems are, it's a way of hanging shelving that involves vertical tracks that shelf brackets clip into. It's incredibly flexible and everything is reusable.  And yes, I get that excited about customizing closets. 

The major available track systems are ClosetMaid, Ikea Algot, and Container Store Elfa. I've used ClosetMaid but all are very similar. Now get yourself a drank (probably coffee), and get ready for a whirlwind of beautiful organization and storage. 

Living Room

I love the flexibility of these shelves, and I'm not just talking about their funciton. They can also cover a wide range of designs. You may need some spray paint to get the custom look, but for price and function you really can't go wrong.

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Track systems are an obvious choice for an office because they offer just so. much. space. for books and papers and boxes galore! Plus some pretty stuff because this isn't Office Space, ya know? PLUS, as you'll see, you can often integrate a desk right into the shelving so it's pretty flawless.

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Because systems like Elfa and Algot combine shelving with other pieces like drawers and clothing bars, they are perfect to create a custom closet perfect for your wardrobe and your space.

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Kitchen + Pantry

Oh how I dream of a pantry. In a house with a garden. And I'll store all my own homegrown food. In the pantry. Annnyway. Shelving is a great solution not just when you're redoing your actual pantry, but anytime you need added kitchen storage for food, cookware, serveware, etc. I especially love that you can easily incorporate mesh drawers for veggie storage. 

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I am a big crafter and while I try to keep my crafting supplies pretty minimal, I still have a good amount of supplies to store. I use a variety of shelving + storage units, plus track shelves in the bedroom closet. 

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Laundry + Cleaning

These laundry spaces are totally indulgent. Even if you have just a closet you can make the most out of the space above the machines (or next to) by hanging shelving and/or hooks. 

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Garages are rife with stuff. Stuff all around. House stuff. Car stuff. Play stuff. Summer stuff. Winter stuff. Dog stuff. So you need some organization. And I really like the track systems for a slim storage solution. 

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Back of Doors

Another cool thing you can do with the track system is you can actually use them to store things on the back of doors! Most show these screwed into the door, but Container Store has hooks that go over the top and the bottom to hold them in place for if you're renting or you will never ever put a hole in your old doors (like me). They're great for linen closets, entries, craft closets, clothes closets, really any place.

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Soooo much inspo, yet I feel track shelving systems just don't get the praises they deserve. Do you have any track shelving? What's your favorite thing about it? Leave a comment below!