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Paw-sitively Adorable Cat Flag Stickers | Rourke Planners

Have you seen the SNL sketch 'Whiskers R We' with Kate McKinnon? All the cats are so cute! And I crack up every time; it's full of puns which is right up my Alley cat. It's a play on words. you get it. I just love the characters and their obsession with these fuzzy little cats.

"A cat is an angel, that poops in a box."

So I wanted to design something with cats on it. I'm working on creating sticker kits (you can see a preview on my instagram), but I wanted to put out something today - so I made a little set of flag stickers that can be used in any planner. 

So, let's meet today's eligible cat-chelors...

But first please pawse and read the disclaimer...

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read me for newbies


Today's freebie includes 2 versions: a plain ol' PDF for those doing hand cutting and a SVG+Silhouette Cut Line version for those with Silhouettes. 

The PDF is super straight forward. Just download the PDF here and open it in your preferred PDF viewer. Cut your preferred paper/sticker paper in half because it's half-letter (as is everything I  do....) and print either photo or high quality. Cut with scissors or an x-acto knife.  

The SVG + Silhouette version is a bit more complicated but I think I finally got a good system for those with a Silhouette.

Download + open the Silhouette Studio file [here] that contains the cutlines. Then download the SVG file that contains the cute cat flags [here]. Open your file explorer to where the SVG file is and drag it over into the gray space in Silhouette Studio (with the cut file open) [See Img 1 below]. The SVG should be the proper dimensions already. Next click over to the align function and alight the SVG to the center [See Img 2 below].

Now you're all set! Click file>Print and select your preferred printer and settings. Be sure the paper size is set to 8.5" x 5.5" (Half Letter) [See Img 3 below]. Once printed, place the paper on the silhouette mat as it shows in Silhouette Studio. Load the mat into your Silhouette machine. Go over to the cut lines function and check the settings - I always do 'advanced' and make sure only the red lines will cut. Set it to your preferred blade/speed/thickness [See Img 4 below] and send to Silhouette. And you're done. 

Now you can spend a lovely Caturday decorating your planner. It'll look paw-sitively paw-some. Just really cat-tastic. You should really download it right meow. I'm not kitten around. 

More cat puns.

Any other freebies you'd like to see soon? What are your favorite cat puns? Comment below!

PS the cats are from this icon + pattern pack from Inconka on Creative Market. 

Happy Planning!