Half Letter & Personal Silhouette Dividers | Freebie Friday

Planner Dividers Freebie | Rourke Planners

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? Or excited for freebies?

Today's freebie is pretty basic - it's dividers! I'm giving you quite a few files for Silhouette. Now, you don't need to have a Silhouette to use these. You can totally print out the dividers and cut them by hand. But I'm excited to offer a silhouette file because I've never done it before :). You will need Silhouette Studio for these but it's a free program you can use whether or not you have a machine.

So I'm giving you a bunch of files. I have Half-Letter size dividers with 5, 6, & 7 tabs and Personal size dividers with 5, 6, & 7 tabs. For those I'm giving files that are JUST cut lines, so no patterns or anything in there and files with a marble pattern that are ready to print. So the cut lines can be used however you like, add a pattern or image or use it with scrapbook paper. The marble pattern one is ready to print and cut. I've also made each with only one file, so you just drag each divider onto the page when you want to print/cut, then move it off and do the same with the next one. 

Dividers Freebie | Rourke Planners

These babies are only available in Silhouette Studio format, but like I said, the Silhouette Studio program is free and you don't need a machine to use it. I actually really like it for any planner crafts. 

*Rourke Planners is not liable for any issues with third-party apps. However I never recommend any programs that I have not downloaded and used myself. Please just use common sense.*

To download the file just click the one you want below the image. The 'just lines' files will download automatically. The marble dividers will bring you to a google drive file.

Please don't share any files from Rourke Planners with others - instead share the website URL with your friends, enemies, or awkward acquaintances. 
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Half Letter Just Cut Lines - 5 Tab | 6 Tab | 7 Tab

Personal Just Cut Lines - 5 Tab | 6 Tab | 7 Tab

Half Letter Marble Pattern - 5 Tab | 6 Tab | 7 Tab

Personal Marble Pattern - 5 Tab | 6 Tab | 7 Tab

I love changing up my dividers as a way to change up my planner without having to move into a different organizer. What do you change up in your planner? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Planning!