Why 'Good Enough' Should Be Your Organizing Mantra

Why 'Good Enough' Should Be Your Organizing Mantra | Rourke Planners

Have you ever seen someone so organized you thought 'that just looks exhausting'? Their systems of beautifully labeled and color-coordinated everything is both impressive and makes you want to run away? That's because complex organizing systems don't work for most people. Most people will set up some closet or office system they saw on pinterest and immediately after they finish, all organizing goes by the wayside. This is why 'good enough' is my organizing mantra.

If your organization doesn't keep you organized, then what's the point? If it takes to long to keep up with, you're never going to 'be organized'. I think this is why a lot of people think they can never be organized - they think it has look like these huge systems to work. Can you find what your looking for? If yes, then keep your system. If no, work on it a little.

I keep all my makeup in a single basket. In the basket is a bag that holds my 'everyday' makeup, and the rest of the fun/going out/maybe I can pull off a red lip makeup is just strewn in the basket. And that works for me. The bag is perfect to grab and pack, and the rest is used only occasionally, so I don't feel the need to do more with it. It has no real impact on the time it takes to get ready. Also I can't really pull off a red lip.

Alternatively, I have all my types of paper and labels organized my color/weight/type. It would be chaos if I just had them all in a few piles, so I had to get some mail sorters and I separated them out into their own groups. It would take forever to separate the regular copy paper from the 28 lb, the full page sticker from the round labels.

In all, I want you to know that your system doesn't have to be picture perfect to be real organization. You don't need shelves on shelves with boxes on boxes. You need whatever it is that makes doing your daily activities faster. 

Comment below with a system you have that looks crazy but is actually perfect for you!