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Hi there! I've been in a bit of a blogging slump lately and have just been overall feeling rather uncreative. Because I know that one's environment plays a big role in how their feeling, I decided to get a jump start on spring cleaning to help get myself out of this funk. Last night that included one of my favorite parts of spring cleaning... organizing my books! 

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I'm really trying to purge everything I don't use or love this time around, but with books... it's hard. I love all my books. Most of them are from college. A lot are from second hand and thrift shops. A few are very old and I feel like I should wear gloves when I hold them. One is falling apart and says Teddy Roosevelt is the current president.  I haven't read any of MY books in so long, but I don't want to give them up. So I'm keeping them (for now) and vowing to start reading more to work through them. That way, I'll feel more comfortable donating those I don't wish to read again. It will be a long process... (over 200 books).

For all my other media, luckily, I don't have the same clingy-ness - I'm digitizing DVDs and CDs, copying pages from magazines, and then they will be sold/donated/given away. Same with lots of other things I just feel meh about. Even the 3/4 full bottle of Cointreau. Hopefully a neighbor will want that.

But back to the books. I like to take books with me places where I may be waiting more than 10 minutes. There's only so much instagram scrolling. So a long time ago I came up with this bookmark solution. Basically you tape the bookmark string to the inside of the back cover with some real washi (not scotch brand washi, not sure how that will release). Because the washi's adhesive is quite delicate, it has no problem holding onto the light bookmark, but won't take off the paper when you try to remove it. Pretty clever, eh?

Just another use for washi. The list never ends...

So because I was supposed to post about my craft closet this week and didn't (I'm blaming the cloudy weather but also my blah about blogging), instead we get 2 freebies this week! Friday's is still coming, but I wanted to give you this one. It's super simple but real cute.

So these bookmarks - I love making bookmarks because it's super useful but you can still use items you already have on hand - any type of cardstock (even leftovers from gift tags, clothing tags, cards, you name it) and any kind of string/ribbon. Plus you can use that washi you have had lying around forever because it's just not really your favorite. 

But if you don't have scraps of cardstock lying around, you can also use full sheets. Then you get to print them out with cute sayings and cut them using your silhouette. I used some kraft cardstock because I have a bunch and I don't use it for many projects, so it's been sitting in my cabinet for a while. Paired with some already cut bits of bakers twine and ribbon, plus some old washi I will probably never use for decoration, and this craft is pretty much free (with very minimal waste).

Below I have the Silhouette file for you - just click the link below the image and it will download. But first...

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I just wanted to show you a little picture tutorial, juuuuust in case. 

Are you doing any spring cleaning projects? Let me know in the comments!