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Today I'm going to give you a planner review - and I will let you know right away, I love this printer for planners. I've had a few printers so far, and this one is pretty fantastic. So let me explain...

I have the Canon MG7720 Printer*. I purchased it from Amazon for $80 (update: the price has gone up to $190) at the end of November 2016. I was researching a new printer for months. I previously had the Epson Workforce 3620 and it worked well, until it clogged (probably my fault in taking too much time to get cartridges refilled, got gunky) and I could not, for the life of me, get it unclogged. Professional kits only made it worse, and a new print head cost more than the printer itself. I HATE making waste, and a big a** printer that doesn't print is waste. I also have a Samsung laser printer that barely prints anymore and never printed the right colors, no matter how many times I recalibrated the colors. You could say I had bad printer luck.

So I researched and researched. I looked for specific suggestions for planners/stickers with no luck. I looked for printers that were good beginner printers for graphic designers. I figured if they can handle that work, they can handle planner pages and stickers. I looked and looked and was getting nowhere slowly. I just couldn't pull the trigger - the lower priced printers didn't seem like they could be super long term printers/didn't have all the things I was looking for and the more expensive ones were...expensive. And I was without planner. Finally, probably a little giddy from Black Friday sales, I spotted the MG7720 and looked it over, looked at reviews, looked at what people say about the brand, and I bought. That day. I felt a little silly for all the research. 

The MG7720 is a 'picture printer'. It still had my requirement of a scanner and it was pretty. I felt confident. And it paid off.

Isn't she pretty?

Isn't she pretty?

Setup + Ink

So the basics. The printer is super easy to set up wirelessly. Just follow the directions and you're good. It takes 5 ink cartridges (which was new) - cyan, magenta, yellow, grey, black, and a print black. This is so you can print simple documents without digging into the proper, good black. The cartridge slots have little lights that go on when they're properly inserted, which is pretty cool. 

The printer is pretty middle of the road with ink usage. It doesn't suck it up but it also isn't super skimpy with it. I did purchase off-brand replacement cartridges and haven't had any problems with them. Though I can't promise you won't run into issues, it's a risk you take with off brand inks, for as long as printer companies can't make it illegal to use off-brand or refill cartridges. But that's for a rant on consumer rights...

One thing I want to mention is that from my reviewing I did come across a few articles that said Canon ink doesn't dry out/clog nearly as much as other inks. I have not been able to personally verify this but I wanted to mention it because it did give me a nudge towards Canon, given my history with the Epson.

You can see the lights for the properly installed cartridges (and the two off-brand cartridges I've been using)

You can see the lights for the properly installed cartridges (and the two off-brand cartridges I've been using)


The printer takes a whole lot of different sizes of paper. The largest is US legal. I have not tried mini/a7/pocket sizes but it prints 4x6 photos.

The upper paper tray is for smaller sizes. I currently use it for Personal size paper. This is probably my favorite part of the printer - it prints Personal size no problem. I was so excited about this. Yes, pre-cut Personal size, 3.75" x 6.75", paper prints with no problems, no jamming. One issue this does have is that it can't print double sided, even manually (where you take the printed stack, put it back in the tray). So I put on a show and just print each page manually. Annoying, yes, but I don't trust myself to batch print double sided and not mess it up, and I hate wasting paper.

'Cassette 1' holds smaller paper - photo sizes

'Cassette 1' holds smaller paper - photo sizes

The lower paper tray is for bigger sizes. I use it for half-letter and letter, but it can also fit A5 and Happy Planner. For Half-Letter pages you can print 'duplex' (double-sided), but you have to go to 'Page Setup' under the printer properties and un-click 'automatic'. This means it will print one side for all the pages, you take the half-printed stack, put it back in the tray, and it finishes it. No issues for me. 

Cassette 2 holds letter, half-letter, A5, Happy Planner size, etc. It's really nice to not have to constantly switch the paper out.

Cassette 2 holds letter, half-letter, A5, Happy Planner size, etc. It's really nice to not have to constantly switch the paper out.

One strange thing is that the printer doesn't have half-letter (or personal) as a paper size option. All you need to do is set the paper size to 'custom' in the printer, and on the computer select 'custom' or 'user-defined' and input the paper size in the print properties. 

Even though it's not an option, I have printed on cardstock (even 120lb) without an issue. The paper is a little curved after, but that can be pressed out if it's really bothering you. I printed out some dividers with no problems.

One thing is that the printer doesn't hold a TON of paper. It holds enough, especially as I'm constantly switching between papers, but it does not hold a ton. Just a note.

(As a note I put my 28lb planner paper as 'high resolution paper' on the printer, and sticker and cardstock as 'matte photo paper')

Print Quality

I found the print quality to be really fantastic for this printer. I print my planner pages at standard settings, standard quality, and it looks really great. I print my stickers at photo settings, standard quality and they also look really great even with meh sticker paper. I will note that when you have a good printer, the quality of your paper can definitely change the print quality. A better quality paper will look better than plain ol' paper. 

I printed marble print on 120lb cardstock (not super smooth) at standard settings/standard quality and it looks freaking fantastic. Like really. I was super impressed. 

One thing I did have to change was I have to adjust the color to get a more accurate print compared to my computer display. You can adjust the color by going to the printer properties in the print box then > Main tab > select 'Manual' under Color/Intensity > Click Set > set your preferences. Mine is Cyan to 2, Yellow to -1, Brightness to Light, and Intensity to -4. Yours may be different, but I found this to be a most true print to what I intended. 

Other Notes

The printer is wireless and can be set up wireless. It can connect to AirPrint & Google Cloud Print, it can print via NFC (super cool), and it can print via USB, memory cards, and wireless. It has a nice touchscreen and everything is easily accessed. It can print on discs (it has a special slot for it). And when you go to print from your computer the printer output tray (where the printed pages go) pops out on its own! Sorry I think that's really cool. 

It indeed has a scanner and the lid of the scanner pulls up to make room for books. Also it comes in white (which happened to be the cheapest when I was buying, woohoo) and Gold (though more expensive and only available through third parties right now). And red and black.

Scanner has a lid that comes up to accomodate books for scanning.

Scanner has a lid that comes up to accomodate books for scanning.

The printer itself is really well designed (I love the hinge for the cover, to access the ink cartridges) and pretty. It is fairly compact compared to other printers, especially as it has 2 paper trays. 

It is pretty quite when printing, not baby-napping quality but not super distracting quality either. 


I think that's all I can think of right now. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them and I will update this post if I run into any other negatives or positives.



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