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Auto Info Tracker Freebie | Rourke Planners

Happy Friday!

Today's freebie is inspired by my automobile troubles last week. The gist of it is... when you follow someone too closely sometimes you don't see a giant rock in the road in time and when you hit a rock going 80 it will split your wheel like a bagel. So you have to buy a replacement because a spare can only go 50 miles. Then the next day you find out you need to get your brakes replaced, your alignment fixed, your drive belt replaced and you're pretty much weeping money. Luckily, I remembered I had gotten my brakes done a few years ago and the warranty knocked some money off my bill. 

The moral of this story is (1) don't follow behind people too closely on the highway and (2) keep track of your cars issues and maintenance so you'll know when you need to dish out money. 

So today I'm giving out an auto info tracker - a single place to keep track of all those pesky numbers that go along with having a car plus a log of things like repairs, oil changes, insurance, city stickers and the lot. This will help not just keep things straight but also you'll be able to budget for your car when you know when you'll be doing registrations and repairs. 

The Freebie

The freebie is a 2 page PDF that's available in all 6 sizes - Letter, Happy Planner, Half Letter, A5, Personal, and A6. PDFs are properly sized - meaning the personal size PDF is 3.75"x6.75". 

To download the PDF just click below on the size you want and it will automatically download! 

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Auto Info Tracker Freebie | Rourke Planners

Letter | Happy Planner | Half Letter | A5 | Personal | A6

Hope you enjoy the freebie! Comment below - are there any other types of trackers you find useful in your life?

Happy Planning!