Garage Inspiration Roundup

Garage Inspiration Roundup | Rourke Planners

It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside today (72 and sunny) and it's almost summer break. All this means we're outside a lot, and for people with houses that means the garage is open a lot. And most people's garages tend to be...chaos. Like you're lucky if you can fit the proper number of cars in there. *cough* my parents *cough*.

I love garage organization. It's a great opportunity to not only have TONS of storage but also to add a great surprise by fixing it up. You can reuse shelving & cabinets from the house, paint it in fun colors, do whatever really. 

So I've rounded up some garage inspiration for you! Let me tell you it's totally worth it to take a weekend and clear out the garage, clean, and set up some new storage. 

This one in't technically a garage (it's a mudroom) but the idea is the same. 1 bright colors and a pretty floor. 2 a really creative looking pegboard. 3 plants (or fake plants). You don't need to go crazy, but there are plenty of ways to make a garage both pretty and super-duper functional. 

This garage is super functional. The hand built bench is full of storage and has a work surface. A pegboard offers tons of vertical storage and there are cubbies above for less-frequently used items. I also like how they used the ledge to store spray paint. 

OK this garage is seriously pretty. The workbench is actually made from 3 $35 Rast dressers plus a worktop (also from Ikea). Add in 2 Kallax cubes and a pegboard (plus magnetic strips) and this has a lot of workable space. 

A lot of people enter their homes from the garage so it makes sense to have a nice entryway there. This mudroom is perfect for kids. You can see a bit of their storage - it's on the ceiling! Big storage bins on the ceiling of the garage makes sense if you have a small garage. Below the bins are bikes hung vertically. Plus the entrywall has beadboard and pretty-colored doors. This is a super nice setup.

This is an epic wall of storage from A Bowl full of Lemons. You can see a tiny entryway into the house on the right (with a basket and wall storage that I really like) but let's talk about the bin storage. Track systems. You know I love them so. This one is the Elfa system from Container Store. What makes it really cool is that she uses slide out baskets on the bottom for frequently used items and then above that has simple shelves for closed totes. Just make sure you have an easy to access ladder and you can switch out the totes with the seasons.

I really like this setup because it shows you don't need anything fancy. Good old fashioned shaker pegs make for easy hanging - 2 next to each other for things like brooms. The addition of adorable bins and this makes for a decent amount of storage.

via Hometalk

via Hometalk

I wanted to add in one garage that uses base cabinets. My favorite thing to use in garages is old kitchen cabinets. You can use them from a kitchen renovation or purchase them at a second hand home store - like Habitat Restore. If you're open to some painting you can mix and match various cabinets and even various laminate countertops. 

So do you have any plans for your garage this summer? Comment below!