Office DIY Roundup

18 Office DIYs to try this week | Rourke Planners

Happy Monday!

I'm super excited about today's blog post because I. Love. DIYs. And I especially love DIYs that involve pretty workspaces. I'm all sparkle-eyes-emojis about it.

I'm also excited about today's post because I didn't get Friday's post up. Thursday I learned that hitting a block/rock in the highway going 80 will split your wheel like a bagel. Friday I learned my car needed new brakes and it pretty much ate up all my money. So this Friday I'll be sending out an auto log page your way. #notbitteratall

AAAAAANYWAY. Onto the pretties. 

Today's post is a roundup of DIYs that you can use to make your workspace either A more effective B prettier or C both. 

Memo Boards/Stuff On Walls

I love having things on my wall to hold important info, notes, and inspiration. I currently have 2 old Sugar Paper calendars up on the wall being used for notes + my instagram plan. I buy the calendars that are only 1 page (this one, if you're curious) so that once the year's over, I turn them around so I can use the blank pages. It makes for less paper waste and I love having this info at a glance. I also have a little 4x6 frame that I use as a write-on board (it's supposed to be for affirmations but I never get around to writing them). I also have a DIY wood memo board and an Ikea Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack that I use to hold file folders full of papers I need to deal with but don't want to. I'll get around to a post on my wood DIY memo boards soon but for now check out these awesome DIYs.

Hanging Hex Memo Board | Wall Grid | Natural Wood Hanging Chalkboard | Hex Group Memo Board | Wall Planner

Tech DIYs

I love these DIYs that are for your tech. I should really make that phone stand...

Phone Charging Station | Rose Gold Mouse Pad | Laptop Case | Lap Desks


Pretty much all workspaces need storage. Storage for writing supplies, files, ink, notepads, copious amounts of washi. These projects make for pretty storage. PS - the DIY drawer dividers post is what I used to create my own dividers for my Helmer drawers. It's super simple and cheap but makes a huge difference.

Desk Organizer | Floating Copper Shelves | Wood Desk Organizer | Paper Drawer Dividers | Leather Mail Organizer | File Cabinet Makeover

Wall Calendars

Having a wall calendar is an integral part of most office setups. Some people aren't paper calendar people. So here are a few DIYs for pretty, reusable wall calendars. (and if you are a paper calendar person check out my 2017 wall calendar printable freebie here)

Holographic Glitter Acrylic Calendar | Custom Dry Erase Calendar | DIY Acrylic Calendar 

I'm still in spring cleaning mode but I will be all aboard the DIY train once that's done. What office DIYs have you done? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy DIYing