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3 Goal Planners | Freebie

If you feel like you're constantly busy, always have a list of tasks, but you never feel like you really get much done. You can't make progress on your goals and you have a million habits you'd like to make but you haven't made any yet. These goal planners come together to help you get a handle on your goals, your habits, and your to dos. Download these 3 planner pages (available in 6 sizes) for free.

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Planner + Organizer List Planner Insert | Freebie

So if you've been in the planner world for any amount of time, you mayyyy have more than one planner and you mayyyy have a lot. Like more than you actually use. And if you're so inclined you may want to keep track of when you got them, what condition they're in, how much they cost, etc.. So I made a little freebie to make it easier to keep track of all your planners. It keeps all pertinent information in a nice grid format. It's in 6 sizes - letter (the only one in a vertical format), happy planner, half-letter, A5, personal, and A6. Please note that Happy Planner - A6 come as a horizontal insert - meaning you have to turn your organizer to view it. 

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Workout Stickers | Freebie Friday

I've recently been working out a lot more and while there are still days I dread it, I honestly am really enjoying it and I'm definitely seeing progress. I especially love the one day a month I get to go as a guest to my boyfriends gym because then I get to use all the fancy machines! Otherwise it's youtube videos and sidewalk runs for me. 

One thing I've found is that when you actually want to work out, you make a plan of what you're going to work out. I'm not super detailed but I do assign my workouts to cardio/lower body/core/arms/full body. I usually write these just in my personal section of my daily planner, but sometimes I like to add stickers because why the heck not.

So I made up a little sheet of banner stickers that feature a bunch of workout and workout related icons. Exercise, cooking, laundry (so much more laundry), etc. Even little headphones because what's a workout without music.

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