Giving Back

In January 2017 I decided to start having a monthly donation from my Etsy sales. I pick a charity at the beginning of the month and then at the end I donate a specified percentage of my sales. If you have any suggestions for charities please comment on my Instagram posts.


april + may 2017 : environmental defense fund

For April (and then May) 2017 I chose the Environmental Defense Fund as my charity of the month. With the current administration's... indifference... towards the environment, I felt the Environmental Defense Fund was a charity very much in need. Because the environment really needs some defense. 

Donation these months:

Donations so far:

Giving Back | Rourke Planners

March 2017 : Food Research & Action Center

For March 2017 I chose the Food Research & Action Center because March is National Nutrition Month. I chose FRAC as my charity because they are well-reputed & they fight against poverty-related hunger by fighting the system that causes hunger and under-nutrition. 

Donation this month:

Donations so far:

Giving Back | Rourke Planners

February 2017 : ACLU

For February 2017 I decided to give 5% of my shop sales to the ACLU to protect humans, animals and the environment. I will definitely be doing the ACLU again because I think they deserve more than the pretty pitiful amount I accrued this month.

Donation this month: $.30

Donations so far: $.30