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Products Terms of Use

Last Updated: July 21, 2016

All digital files created and distributed by Rourke Planners are copyrighted and for personal use only unless explicitly stated. You may not sell, redistribute, edit, or claim them as your own works. Same for after the file is printed. You can print your file as many times as you'd like. 

Rourke Planners is not liable if color and size is not what you expected. Especially with color, these vary between the pdf and your monitor/the pdf and your printer. If you're worried I suggest finding a freebie printable that has the same colors and print that. Rourke Planners is also not liable if your printer can't print the proper size. I highly suggest looking into your printer's capabilities before purchasing any pages.

What does personal use mean?
Personal use means only you. the purchaser and/or downloader of the file can print and use it. You can use it to organize your personal life, family, or your business, but you can't share the digital file with others. If you're looking to share files within your team please email me for an extended licence. 



Website Terms of Use

Last updated: July 21, 2016

Any information found on this website is not guaranteed - it is based on research I did at the time. Rourke Planners is not liable for any actions resulting from information given. This applies to the website and any social media accounts. 


Rourkeplanners.com and all its content is copyright to Rourke Planners under United States copyright law, along with logos and social media images and text. 

Any images and text is copyright of Rourke Planners - you are free to use up to 200 words or 4 images in a blog post or other content as long as clear credit is given to Rourke Planners and your site/account is not of adult or offensive nature. If any content of Rourke Planners is reposted without credit it a DMCA take down will be issued. If you are at all worried over copyright infringement, please email me. 

Any images that I have not created are given credit - if you feel the credit is to the wrong person or it is your material you do not want shared in that manner please email me and it will immediately be removed. 


Comments are entirely moderated - rude or spammy comments are not tolerated. Any complaints should be sent to rourkeplanners@gmail.com



Last Updated: July 21, 2016

This website gathers data for analytics and email lists. Any data collected will never be sold or shared. Data collected through Squarespace and Google Analytics is completely anonymous and used exclusively to improve the Rourke Planners website and brand. Email address collection is entirely voluntary and you may stop emails at any time.